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                Current Position:About Us>>>> Company Profile
                •  About Us
                Company Profile

                 Ningbo Huaguang Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, with green hills and clear waters, pleasant climate and convenient transportation.

                Our company is mainly engaged in production of educational microscope, industrial inspection microscope, professional jewelry inspection microscope and optical components as well as precision injection molding. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including America, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, etc. We have developed various series of nanometer photocatalytic air purifier and air conditioning purification equipment, reaching the international advanced level.

                Our company has been certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System, and our products have been certified to “CE, GS, ROHS, ERP”. Our credo is "Nothing is perfect only better and better". We will continuously create a bright future for our enterprise with a brand new exciting image, advanced design concepts, stable product quality and excellent after-sales service.
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                Contact Us
                Tel:86-574-88152588 88152568
                Fax:86-574-88152599 88152565
                Add:No.70, Zhenxing East Road, Zhangshui Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang,China
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